Session 22: Cake Sale & Blogging

After a successful bake sale yesterday morning at the Department of Education, we were tired but excited that we raised some money for Paige. We would like to use this medium to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who was involved in our Cake sale activity – everyone who baked the amazing and beautiful cakes, those who bought our delicious cakes and those who generously contributed. We appreciate you!

During our afternoon session, the Go_girl team had a great time creating our online journal/blog. Paula introduced the girls to to create their digital journal for expressing their interests, experiences and skills. We learnt that building the right online presence (within or outside the regular social media apps) is a good way to show potential employers or school admission officers our IT skills and more information that might not fit into our resume/cv. The girls also learnt the importance of using privacy settings, disabling comments, what kind of information to share or post on their blogs to protect their digital self. Each girl would be updating their online journal in parallel to learning how to program using Scratch.

Next session, we will work on some Scratch exercises and update our blogs about our newly learnt programming skill.

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