Session 21: Coding with Scratch

We started today’s session with our weekly check-in and then Sabbah and Julia briefed the others who had not been there when we had talked about robotics (session 19) about the basics of the game they had learned. We also briefly discussed the individual creative coding projects, with which we will start next week. Some of the young women would like to develop a mobile phone app that is related to nutrition, others would like to design a game, and one group has not yet decided what they would like to do. We will discuss ideas for potential projects next week in more depth.

IMG_4618 Next, we all signed up to Scratch on the computer lab PCs, creating our usernames, and then got started with exploring the program.


Everyone seemed to have brilliant fun programming with Scratch, as it is so easy and straight-forward to use! It allowed us to use the basic principles of coding, which we had learned and practiced in the Pseudocode exercises in the past few weeks, and to see them applied in a ‘real’ program. We worked at our own pace and created our onw individual Scratch projects. Projects ranged from animations, to stories, games and music. After this exploratory start, we will continue with Scratch coding exercises next week.


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