Session 20: Preparing for the CEIAG 2016 Conference

It was great to see everyone back after last week’s mid-term break! Today, nearly everyone was able to attend and we started the session with discussing what we need to prepare for tomorrow’s CEIAG Conference at King’s Centre in Botley.

We wrote down quotes about our experiences of being part of the Go Girl project, which we put up on the pin wall panels that we will use tomorrow to showcase the project. We also decorated the panels for our stall at the conference with posters and logos. We are excited to see how it goes tomorrow!

IMG_4529We then moved on to a creative design exercise, in which we developed a GetWellSoon pseudocode that we then printed onto a silk scarf for Paige.

IMG_0584 IMG_0583

It was a very busy session with lots to do today, but everyone chipped in and worked really hard to get everything done by the end of the two hours, and stayed focused throughout!

Next week we will will continue with our introduction to Scratch on our iPads and on the PCs, before we start with the development of our own mobile phone and iPad apps.

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