Session 19: coding with plastic cups

The group session kicked off with the girls discussing the previous week talking about other projects and programmes they are currently involved in; including training and employment seeking.

Today the group took part in coding with plastic cups- we got into small groups and had to work from the coding worksheets. We had to write instructions in order to build pyramids with the plastic cups. Each group had a coder(write instructions) and a robot (instructed to stack cups).

The main focus of the session was to write down the sequence of symbols in the correct order to enable your partner (robots) to execute the codes in order. This was fun 🙂

We also had a visit from Janpreet who is a student from the Department of Computer Science. She spoke with the group about her challenges of being a female and studying Computer Science. Talking about her own personal experiences with colleagues and difficulties faced  being a woman interested in studying Mathematics, Science and Spanish. Janpreet was inspirational in terms of empowering the young women to think about equality and following their ambition regardless of gender.

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