Session 16: Pseudocode and Udacity

We were a bit low on attendance today with only half of the group attending, but we still carried on with our introduction to coding. We did an icebreaker where we paired off and wrote a sequence of codes for our partners to act out as if we are computers. IMG_4164 - Version 2We learned how important it is to include every little move and pay attention to details when coding. Several of us left out the “drop” symbol in our sequence which left others continuously swinging their legs back and forth not being able to move forward because the “drop” wasn’t included. It was a great activity to warm up with. Here is the pdf of the hand out for our icebreaker in case you want to try with a friend:

After our icebreaker, Niall gave a talk on pseudocode, which was a nice way to understand the process of coding and learn how to develop a program. Pseudocode is an informal text-based design tool that helps you develop algorithms. It’s a great way to introduce coding and become comfortable with the coding process. Learning  tniallggo loop was a bit confusing for some but what’s great about go_girl and programs like it is that we were able to offer different explanations from different people which gave those who were stuck an opportunity to see which explanation made the most sense to them. We used the last part of today’s session to start watching our first python lesson with Udacity. We’ll continue with that next week and give an overview of today’s session for those that weren’t able to make it. We’ll also be taking our group photo with our new shirts and post it here for you all to see. Here are some coding resources for you to check out.

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