Session 15: Intro to Coding

Today was our first day back from the holiday break and the start of our coding phase, the last phase of go_girl. It was really great to see everyone and hear how the break was. We received our go_girl t-shirts and they turned out really nice! We’ll be sure to update you all with a picture of us wearing them.

In today’s session we began learning the basics behind coding and had a lively discussion on the issue of women participation in technology related fields. We listened to an informative National Public Radio broadcast about the plummet in participation of women coders that began in 1984. We shared our own experiences of being in technology-focused classes and how our interests in math and the sciences were either deterred or cultivated growing up. A fun fact we discussed is that the first algorithm written for Charles Babbage’s machine (the first programmable computer) was written by Ada Lovelace. Ergo, the first programmer was actually a woman!

We spent the remainder of today’s session signing up for our first Python course. We will begin the first lesson during next week’s session. It’s good to be back and we’re all excited to learn how to code so we can create our apps!

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