Session 13: Digital Wildfire Projects Progress

In today’s session we focused on finishing the Digital Wildfire projects so the young women could edit and put the finishing touches on them next week before they submit them next Thursday. They made great progress on their projects and we’IMG_2920ll be excited to share them with you all after they present them in next week’s session.

A couple of the young women made a poster that had a word cloud consisting of derogatory terms used to shame other women online. Another decided to do a film where she discusses healthy versus unhealthy social media use. She points out issues such as hacking, privacy, and cyberbullying as the unhealthy behaviours and how these can threaten the benefits or healthy side of social media like keeping in touch with family and friends, supporting friends through positive comments and sharing laughs through videos and memes.

What has been really interesting is hearing about the different experiences and seeing what everyone chooses to share about their social media use. It seems they have all dealt with bullying and privacy issues, which has informed their choices on what to present for their projects. These happen to be the two biggest policy issues regarding social networking sites. It was also interesting to hear one of the young women discuss her motivations for wanting an account initially, saying it was just to keep in touch with friends who were too busy and family that were far but her mom was really concerned about her being bullied online. She has had to deal with this a little through mean comments but that the real issue she has had to deal with was more about strangers sending her messages and seeing disturbing videos posted. All of the young women are active social media users and this project has been a great opportunity for them to reflect on their experiences and these issues. It will be interesting to hear their final reflections when they present next week.

Next week is the Ada Lovelace Symposium here in Oxford, and our last go_girl session until we break for the holidays. We’ll be busy preparing for the next phase of go_girl where the young women will be learning how to code and make their own mobile apps. A lot of exciting things ahead!

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