From Sabbah’s Blog: At The Blackbird Leys Job Fair!


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On the 11th of November of 2015 I went to the Blackbird Leys Job Fair with Go Girl. ( Click the link to find out what else we go up to!)

We participated as a group to find out what local training and employment opportunities were available. There was a few retailer offering employment as well as colleges offering apprenticeships and courses. Part of the course was to interview employers and local residents looking for jobs.

We asked employers what they looked for in a good employee and what there expectations were for the potential employees. We also asked local residents who were looking for employment opportunities what their expectations were in looking for a job and what jobs were available to them.

This was a good experience for us to get together as a group and attend the local job fair. then we all went for Lunch at Al Sharmi…

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