Session 11: Finances, Documentary Editing, and Digital Wildfire

This week we started the session off with a lesson on finances where the young women learned about managing their money and about the risks of short term cash loans. money GG          We then continued with the individual projects and began editing the job fair interviews into one documentary. Some of the young women have incorporated another project called Digital Wildfire into their individual projects. Digital Wildfire is a really interesting project about digital citizenship and the governance of social media. The project is run by Oxford’s Computer Science Department.

Digital citizenship is generally about responsible online behaviour. It includes awareness of the risks and benefits of the Internet pertaining to issues such as privacy and security, cyber-bullying, and digital literacy where people know how to find and assess credible versus non-credible information online. Primary and secondary schools are beginning to incorporate digital citizenship into their curricula to ensure that young people understand how to use technology appropriately and hopefully reduce the risks and harms associated with it. We are also seeing a growth in community engagement programs tailored toward teaching adults about digital citizenship issues as well. The Digital Wildfire project is a great opportunity for our Go Girls to learn more about digital citizenship.

For the Wildfire project, the young women will be using their individual projects (photography, blogging/vlogging, and gaming) to talk about what it means to be a “goGG1od social media citizen”. They’ve chosen to focus on privacy and security issues and use their own experiences as either witnesses or subjects of cyber-bullying and/or hacking. They’ll be entering their projects in a competition where the winners are invited to London to showcase their work and receive their award.

Aside from this, another group of our young women worked on cutting down the interview footage from the job fair. We had over twenty minutes of footage that needed to be cut down to 3.5 minutes. They all listened to the 20+ minutes of footage and wrote down the times for the pieces they want to include in the documentary so they could cut the rest. Next week they’ll be doing to final cuts and adding the effects so it can be presented on Thursday.

Everything is coming along well and it looks like we’ll have our first outputs to show next week and the week after. We’re really pleased so far with how things are progressing. Go Girl is still growing!

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