Session 10: Go Girl Goes to the Job Fair: Interviews, Filming and iPad Projects

Today was exciting and productive as we had a full day of activities. We all went to a job fair where the young women had the opportunity to interview employers while filming with their iPads. The interviews turned out really well and we ended up with a variety of employer interviews including those with military personnel, childcare specialists and social workers. TheirGG Job Fair next task is to combine all of the interviews and edit them into one documentary. We’ll be sure to update you all when that’s finished! All in all, the job fair was insightful and the young women gained valuable experience in interviewing.

After the job fair we headed to lunch at Al Shami where the young women were presented with their achievement awards (see picture below) before coming back for our Go Girl session. In today’s session, we debriefed by reflecting on our time at the job fair and seeing what everyone thought was useful. We then watched all of the interviews on the iPads before uploading them all together on the computer.

We spent the rest of the session starting the individual projects. As a reminder, we have three different project areas developed from the young women’s interests. The three project areas are photography, gaming and video blogging/blogging. They used the remainder of today’s session to watch tutorials on the specific software they will be using for their projects. Everyone seems enthusiastic about their projects and we can’t wait to see how their skills develop and what the finished products will look like.

Filling out job applications, interviewing employers, and watching tutorials made for a long but exciting and productive day. Next week we will be editing the interviews into a documentary and continuing the individual iPad projects. We’re excited to update you with the final products!

IMG_2360 - Version 2

Eight of the Go Girls with their Achievement Certificates, awarded by the Oxfordshire County Council

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