Session 9: Individualised iPad Projects: Photography, Gaming and Video Blogs!

This was our first week back after the young women’s half-term break. Today’s session was focused on selecting individualised projects for each of the young women to carry out on their iPads for the next couple of weeks. We went around and shared areas of interest and potential career paths everyone was interested in to determine the individual projects. Four of our Go Girls are interested in photography so they will be working on Photoshop and other photography software applications to build their editing skills. Several others were interested in gaming and building apps while the remaining few expressed interest in the entrepreneurial side of video blogging (vlogging).

We spent the rest of the session brainstorming for each of the projects and coming up with end goals. We’ll spend the next couple of weeks watching specific tutorials for the projects and working with the different software. Those interested in blogging/vlogging will work towards building their own blogs, filming vlogs, and marketing themselves. Those interested in photography will be building their own websites or blogs for their photographs and will be learning Photoshop so they can edit their photos. For those interested in gaming, they will learn through basic coding apps and work towards creating their own games. Everyone will share their projects when they finish and we’re really excited to see what they look like!

Next week we’re all going to a job fair where our Go Girls will be conducting and filming interviews with potential employers and other job fair attendees. They’ve come up with an interview protocol including questions about what different employers look for in the hiring process. We’ll be updating the blog with how it goes next week!

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