Session 7: Introduction to short filmmaking and video editing

We continued with our digital skills and digital storytelling phase in today’s session, which was focused on short filmmaking and video editing. Building on the previous task of taking pictures throughout their day, last week we asked everyone to shoot a short video clip (1-2 min) of something that happened in their day. We uploaded the short clips onto the PCs in Windows Movie Maker and watched what each other came up with before editing them. They learned how to cut and lengthen frames from their videos and how to apply different visual effects such as fading transitions.

We revisited the concept and practice of storyboarding and had everyone storyboard something else they wanted to film. Some decided to storyboard and film everyday activities such as teatime and walking down the street capturing essences of Autumn. Another young woman who is interested in electronic music IMG_1599production decided to storyboard a music video and will be using electronic music she has made as the background when she films it by next week’s session.

Everyone was enthusiastic about getting to use the computers and edit their videos. The iPads have arrived and everyone is really excited about them! We’re looking forward to seeing their creative potentials and everything we will be able to do and learn with them. Next week we will be finishing up with editing everyone’s videos.

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