Session 6: “A day in the life of…” – Telling our stories through digital pictures

After our introductory life skills sessions over the past month, we had our first session of the digital skills and digital storytelling phase today.

In last week’s session, everyone had been tasked with documenting one day of their week by taking pictures throughout the day. Today, after the usual check-in and recap of last week, those who had completed the picture task uploaded their images on the seminar room PC and presented them on the big screen to the group, elaborating on the story these pictures told. We described what had prompted us to take these specific pictures, what they represented to us and why they were important to us, and how we had felt about the task of documenting a day in our lives.

We then moved on to the concept of storyboarding and watched two short video introductions on how to storyboard a short film. We learned that a storyboard is a visual representation – a drawing or an illustration – to map out the flow of videos, detailing camera angle, light, sound, movement etc..

Each person was then asked to focus on one small event in their stories, such as buying a loaf of bread, and to storyboard that (see picture). The events that the young women chose varied from an encounter with a difficult and demanding person, to putting on make-up before going to a party, to waiting in vain for a colleague at the railway station.

For our next session, we are tasked to create a short video clip with our mobile phones which we will then learn to edit. Everybody seems really excited and looking forward to our iPads arriving in a few weeks’ time, so that we can start to edit the films and record and mix our own soundtracks!



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