Session 5: Addiction and Mindfulness

In today’s session, the last one for the life skills development and mindfulness phase, we focused on addiction. This topic again stemmed from earlier discussions we had this summer with our Go Girls about what they thought would be helpful for them. It was a really productive session with great discussion and important connections were made between issues associated with addiction and the importance of what we learned in our previous sessions.

Everyone was really active and engaged during today’s session. After going over the various things people can become addicted to we outlined the cycle of addiction. Then we read over a couple of scenarios and discussed what factors contribute to the cycle of addiction and what can be done to avoid it. Our activities today sparked a lot of discussion and reflection. It provided a good opportunity for our Go Girls tIMG_1378o reflect on their paths and to think about what is needed to stay on a path that gets them closer to their aspirations.

As I mentioned above, connections were made from our previous sessions, which was a nice way to see how they all tie together. Along with fostering healthy relationships, we agreed that open communication is crucial for anyone that might be facing hardships and feeling unstable or at risk of swaying from a positive path toward achieving their goals. Through sharing stories we were able to see how our environments can impact our daily choices but that we do have control over the choices we make and nobody is defined by their postcode.

Next week we are getting into the first week of the digital skills phase. Everyone has been tasked with documenting one day between this session and next by taking pictures throughout the day. We are going to use the pictures to introduce digital storytelling and each person is going to create their own storyboard with their pictures. Later during this next phase, they will be editing and creating short films on topics of their choosing. Everyone is really enthusiastic about this phase!

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