Session 4: Dealing with Anger and Aggression

The themes and goals of our sessions for this first phase come from a combination of relevancy for the wider goals of Go Girl and the particular interests of our young women. This week’s session on dealing with anger and aggression was primarily inspired by the latter. While anger is said to sometimes be an appropriate emotion, often times anger and aggression can be an indication of subtle, wider issues. In fact, anger and acts of aggression continue to be cited as common characteristics among disengaged young people. Much like our earlier session on identifying and assessing our values and aspirations, it’s important to be self-aware by learning about what triggers us to become angry and how we handle it. Today we learned about the different types of anger such as passive aggressiveness and hostile or cold anger. It was a really productive session where we reflected on the things in particular that trigger these feelings of anger, how we react to them and what the appropriate ways of dealing with it are.  Everyone agreed that they had learned something useful in today’s session.

Next week we’re focusing on addiction and mindfulness. It’s the last week of this first phase before moving on to digital storytelling and media production skills. Our numbers are growing and we are all looking forward to the creative work ahead!

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