Session 3: How Values Shape our Relationships

An article we recently tweeted discussed the importance of understanding the processes and forces shaping our values and aspirations in the context of “coding culture” which connects nicely with a key aspect of this first phase of Go Girl. There is plenty of literature out there that discusses the differences between women and men’s aspirations and how this influences their choice of life paths including fields of occupation and educational attainment with women often having lower expectations in terms of pay and education level. This often goes uncontested making it even more important to develop awareness and to assess where our values and aspirations stem from. In this vein, our first couple of sessions have covered values, aspirations and communication skills. This week we continued with self-awareness practices and life skills development.

This past week we focused on different types of relationships and what it takes to nurture positive relationships in our lives. One of the exercises we completed during the session entailed a relationship poster {see below} with a ship drawn on it where we wrote out characteristics needed for healthy relationships in the ship and what makes for unhealthy and unsustainable relationships in the water, ultimately causing our relationSHIP to capsize. An important take-away from our discussion on relationships was the idea of establishing boundaries for ourselves within the workplace and at home. We discussed how women often have a harder time setting boundaries and being able to say “no” to more work when we already feel overwhelmed. This is important to be aware of, especially for women seeking careers in male dominated fields like most of the tech sector.


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