Kick-off Team Meeting: Lots of Exciting New Ideas!

Today we had the first extended team meeting, where we welcomed our new team members Ashmita, Tracey, and Izzy. We discussed recruitment strategies and mapped out the new curriculum, developing exciting new ideas. We can’t wait to get the weekly sessions started in May!

The newly extended go_girl team (missing Paige, who will be joining us in April)

The go_girl team (from right: Niall, Ashmita, Tracey, Mel, Paula, Izzy, Emily, Anne, (missing Paige, who will join us again in April))

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Go_girl project presentation at the IT Services

Go_girl pioneers Rosie and Chloe, together with Paula and Anne showcased the go_girl project in today’s #OxEngage lunchtime workshop at the IT Services. Rosie and Chloe reflected on their personal experiences of taking part in the go_girl project last year, and on what impact it has had on them so far. They also elaborted a bit on their current role of recruiting go_girl participants for the new cohort. Anne introduced the project and talked about its background and programme, while Paula reflected on her experiences of working on the project as a computer scientist and on introducing the young women to programming. (Picture credits: Rosie and Chloe took the pictures for this blog post)


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Go_girl pioneers visit Facebook HQ in London

A description by Isabel of our visit to the Facebook HQ will follow soon. In the mean time, here are some visual impressions!

Go_girl pioneers with Mel and Fiona on the tube to Facebook

Go_girl pioneers with Mel and Fiona in front of the Facebook Wall…

…and leaving their own messages. Here is Julia, signing the wall…

…and here is Sabbah’s message.

Sabbah, Charlotte and Julia posing with the iconic Facebook logo

And, of course, one of the main attractions: the Facebook candy store with free sweets on offer!

Sabbah and Isabel waiting

Go_girl pioneers with Mel and Anne outside the Facebook HQ

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Go_girl featured on Oxford Thinking website

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Go_girl featured on IT Innovation Blog


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Go_girl Recruitment

The recruitment of new participants for the next go_girl project cohort has started! Two of our go_girl pioneers, Chloe and Rosie, yesterday joined youth worker Mel on her visit to youth clubs in Oxfordshire to introduce the go_girl project and to recruite new participants.


Chloe and Rosie on the way to a youth club to talk about their experience of taking part in the go_girl project


Rosie outside the Blackbird Leys Community Centre holding the go_girl project fliers


Chloe and Rosie talking about their experiences of taking part in last year’s go_girl project


Rosie and Chloe preparing to introduce the go_girl project to youth club members


Rosie and Chloe at the Littlemore Community Centre

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Go_girl: code+create to continue this year with a new group of young women

The go_girl: code+create project continues this year with a new group of young women! Over the next weeks, we are planning to start with the recruitment of the new participants. Some of the young women who completed the programme last year (the go_girl: code+create ‘pioneers’) will act as mentors for the new participants and will share their experiences and newly gained coding skills through peer-to-peer learning. We are very grateful to our funders for this fantastic opportunity and are all very excited that our weekly coding sessions will start again soon. More updates to follow!

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